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Explore Best places to visit near Shimla

Alongside the beauty of the Shivalik Ranges of Himachal, the hill station of Shimla is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Buzzing with footprints of travelers from around the world, Shimla was once the summer capital of British India. While the remains of the colonial times have often fascinated travelers to visit Shimla, the nearest places to visit from Shimla have innumerable tourist spots trekking trails, quaint villages and captivating sites that are not to be missed!

Villages surround Shimla, and hill stations are as fabulous and interesting as the city itself Here are some of the nearby places to visit from Shimla that will astound you with its beauty.


Just 17kms from Shimla, at an altitude of 8628 feet, the small hill station of Kufri is nature’s finest storytelling. Surpassing the beauty of Shimla, Kufri almost remains under snow during the winter months and there is a part of most itineraries made for Shimla. Kufri has a laid-back life. The natural surroundings, valleys, mountains, and quaint feels make this hill station one of the most relaxing and nature-inspiring destinations.


The lush greenery, mountain views add scenic beauty of Solan are incomparable. Solan is famous for being the mushroom capital of India, and the lifestyle here revolves around farming and nature-inclined activities. It is one of the best destinations for nature hiking and camping in Himachal Pradesh. The natural beauty of this hill station inspires solace seekers to travel beyond Shimla.


India’s Honeymoon capital and nature’s mightiest creation – Manali is bestowed by the beauty of the Pir Panjal range overlooking the Dhauladhal Mountains. While extraordinary scenic beauty makes Manali a fairy-tale destination, the varied experiences, accommodations, hippie villages, adventures, and thrilling activities give Manali trip a dimension. Manali is a must-visit destination close to Shimla.


About 13 km from Shimla is a quieter, peaceful, and enchanting form of Shimla – Mashobra. This hill station tucked in the beautiful pine forests reveres of a Quiter Shimla. Rich in flora and fauna, Mashobra is home to Reserve Forest Sanctuary and Mahasu Peak holding bountiful beauty. For some tranquilizing time in the hills that feels much like Shimla – Mashobra is the place to be!


An off-beat destination in Himachal Pradesh, Chail is one of the perfect places for couples looking for honeymoon places in Shimla. The verdant beauty of nature, lush greenery, silence, and tranquility compels the newlyweds to take a trip to this mighty hill station. As Chail is largely untouched by commercialization, it is truly a real experience of the beauty of Himachal.


The unexplored natural beauty of Shoghi and the silence in the air invites travelers from Shimal to have a taste of a real station. Shoghi is blessed with flora and fauna, snow-covered mountains, and ancient houses, villages, etc revering a charm much like Shimla. While travelers keep crowding Shimla, Shoghi can be the perfect getaway for some silence and nature around!

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