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How are Coupon Code Websites Changing the Face of E-commerce?

One of the major reasons people give into shopping, or binge shopping, is discounts, deals, and offers. It’s fascinating to watch how people who have never shown a prior interest in a product, readily agree in making a buying decision solely based on the amount they would end up saving. Thus, coupon code websites came into the picture.

With the emergence of online shopping, coupon websites offering deals and discounts have also come up rapidly. In fact, Amazon India coupons, DTH recharge offers and health & beauty deals have become some of the most searched terms on the Internet. Usually, the business model of coupon websites is based on affiliate marketing. In simple terms, if an e-commerce website makes money through a coupon website, the latter gets rewarded.

People spend a majority of their time online, and are starting to become aware about the existence of such coupon websites. They actively engage with the discounts that these websites offer and also provide these coupon sites with the traditional word-of-mouth marketing.

Increasing Competition Among Coupon Code Websites

Currently, there are many coupon websites in India alone. Many large players in the e-commerce field, like Amazon and Swiggy, have begun to realize the importance of coupon code websites, and the impact they have in driving sales.

The increasing competition among coupon websites has led to the emergence of valuable startups like Adspicker, which have tie-ups with several major e-tailers to offer great deals and discounts on products.

A Wide Range of E-tailers and Products

Whether you’re looking for Amazon India coupons, health & beauty deals or DTH recharge offers, such websites have been changing the face of e-commerce by giving a platform to both small and large companies to capture a larger market share - both acquisition and retention, while also being channels that are cost-effective and risk-free.

According to a report by the online website Motilal Oswal, marketing segments like coupon and deal websites have flourished alongside e-commerce in China as well as the US. With e-commerce websites running discounts and deals every month, the same is true for India.

What Do Coupon Code Websites Offer?

Coupon websites have been changing the face of e-commerce in the following ways:
  • They offer e-commerce websites a chance to acquire new customers and retain old customers on a regular basis.
  • They give small businesses more visibility, such that these businesses do not have to spend a lot of time and money on generating organic traffic.
  • Specialised businesses have gotten a place to showcase their range without having to venture into selling other products to gain more traction.
  • Their cost of conversion is a lot lower than the cost e-commerce websites pay for marketing channels like Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing.
  • Through coupon websites, e-commerce websites get a chance to create buzz around certain categories of products.
  • They allow e-commerce sites to take out dead inventory, while also offering the convenience of upselling similar products.
  • Since deals travel fast around the internet, coupon websites help e-commerce websites generate a lot of traffic.
  • E-commerce websites have been using their product space to enhance their brand image by providing consumers with the perception that their company is one that readily offers discounts.
  • They have been helping brands in minimizing advertisement costs, since people looking for a deal can easily look up various products that are listed. It does not matter if the e-commerce company is a big or a small player, the products in each category are listed together.

On an average, Indian coupon code websites get a combined million’s page hits per month. This is happening when a lot of people are still unaware about the existence of such websites. Owing to the discounts that these websites offer, the conversion rate of people coming in through these channels is quite high.

The trend of coupon websites has just begun, and word-of-mouth marketing is likely to grow business, which will in turn increase the impact and value of e-commerce.