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Ramzan Special: 8 Special Iftar dishes to try in Delhi!

During the Ramzan month, Delhi is nothing short of a paradise for food lovers! The Iftar stalls with aromatic dishes fills up the lanes of Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid and Matia Mahal Bazaar. A hearty walk through some of the mighty lanes of Delhi takes you through a variety of dishes that are truly worth a taste and indulgence.

Here are 8 of our special Iftar dishes to try with Food Coupons in Delhi this Ramzan!

Paneer ki Jalebi

After spending a day fasting, the faithful muslims eat Iftar as the sun sets to dusk. And sweets are the first indulgences made. The classic paneer ki jalebi is a sweet and crispy sweet dish made of cottage cheese (replacement for flour). Its one of the cult dishes to try alongside gujiya and khoya samosa near Jama Masjid.

Butter chicken

Smeared with special masalas, roasted over a tandoor and finally dipped in a mix of melted butter and tangy curd paste - butter Chicken gets irresistible during Ramzan. The slow cooked butter chicken is served with roomali roti in nooks and corners of Old Delhi to indulge into during Iftar. Haji Mohd Hussain and Aslam Chicken Corner and Karims are legendary food offers to taste this mind-blowing dish.

Seekh and boti kebabs

Kebabs are quintessential to Iftar party. The delicious and soft churned seekh and boti kebabs are flavoured with secret ingredients and rolled on iron griddles to roast. Served best with chutneys, onions and buffs, the Seekh and boti kebabs are a must try. Qureshi Kebab Corner, Lalu Kebabe, Bhaijaan Kebabs etc. are where you can use Food Coupons.


A wholesome meal like Biryani is found at every footstep during Ramzan. Soft cooked rice with pieces of chicken or meat and a rich dressing makes for a delicious iftar dish. A plate of Biryani from the right place is all you need to quench that hunger. Pehelwaan Biryaniwale happens to be the best with restaurant deals!

Shahi Tukda

Deep fried bread pieces smeared with creamy sweet dressing – Shahi Tukda is an unforgettable un-missed delight to taste for the sweet lovers. Cool point is the best place to taste this rich sweet dish. Also try the phirni made with rice.

Watermelon shake

Watermelon, Amul milk and lots of RoohAfza – the perfect Ramzan drink to savor! This beautiful drink is often termed ‘Pyaar Mohabat Sherbet’. The rich and delirious taste of this drink appeals especially when it is priced at just INR 10 per glass. It’s a must to taste from Nawab Qureshi’s thela in Matia Mahal Bazar.

Changezi Chicken

Roasted chicken shredded boneless and cooked with a tangy yogurt gravy, tomatoes and onions – the Changezi Chicken is a signature dish popular during Ramzan months. This delightful dish pairs well with roomali rotis, naans and even Biryani to pair with. Visit the Changezi Chicken or Aslam Chicken Corner to have a taste.

Gur Sharbat

A delicious concoction made from melted jaggery, sugar and tamarind – the Gur Sharbat is the best way to end your Iftar dining deals. It’s rich in taste and digests all the food. There are many sellers with their own stalls on the road, most popular is one selling near Moholla Padahi imli.

Get your Food Coupons ready, as you are going to have a fun-time tasting all the rich delicacies this Ramzan!

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