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You Cannot Afford to Miss These ‘Five’ Famous Food in Kolkata

For the people of Kolkata, the city of heritage and romance, food is life. For Kolkatans, food is like the codes inscribed in their DNA. No wonder why the city is deemed as the best destination for food lovers with a world of mouth-watering platters to choose from. Right from the unbelievable variety of traditional cuisines to palatable street food, Kolkata is a harbor for foodies from all over the world. And, with the money-saving restaurants deals in Kolkata, you literally get the pass to the foodies’ paradise. Let’s discover some of the best food items you cannot afford to miss when in Kolkata –

Momo is like a staple

Want to comfort your taste buds with some Tibetan delights? Momo, thukpa, spring rolls, chili pork, noodles soup, dragon chicken or anything more exotic, the Tibetan shops that crowd the lanes of Territi Bazar early in the morning offer the best Tibetan food that will make you drool over.

Famous Food in Kolkata
Credit: Abhishek Sanwa Limbu on Unsplash
When in Kolkata food street, you cannot run out of choices. Running out of time, but cannot stay away from Kolkata famous food? Download an online food ordering app and grab the best possible restaurants deals in Kolkata, right now! Wait! Make sure to click on to a reliable online directory like Adspicker and discover a wide range of dinner and lunch deals in Kolkata from your favorite food destinations.

Indulge in the ultimate bliss of the juicy and Kathi-roll

Can’t wait to see your Kathi-roll from Nizam’s being wrapped with all the juicy and yummy fillings? Well, you don’t have to. When everything is being digitally transformed, why should food remain out of the forte? With this concept in mind, a number of online food ordering platforms have been launched that have made our lives easy.

You cannot afford to miss Chelo Kebabs

Every Kolkatan at heart would definitely recommend you to have Chelo Kebabs from Peter Cat, one of the best Kolkata restaurants Park Street.

chelo kebabs kolkata famous foods

It’s basically the drool-worthy blend of mutton seekhs and chicken kebab. This mouth-watering recipe, when served with steamed rice and a mix of veggies, is enough to get you mad over its ecstasy. If you are looking for the best dinner deals in Kolkata, do look for Chelo kebabs or you’ll miss the essence of Kolkata.

Did you have Radha-Ballavis yet?

Are you a vegetarian and looking for Kolkata veg restaurants? This city never disheartens foodies. Whether you are non-vegetarian or a vegan, your options are endless. One such food item that you cannot miss is Radha-Ballavi. Interesting name, right? These are daal-stuffed puris that sell like the speed of the rapid-fire questions. You would love to stand in the queue to taste these tasty delights or else you have your phone with an online food delivery app and some amazing food offers in Kolkata.

OMG! Roshogolla and Misthi Doi… What else do you need?

Cheat your diet with Bheem Nag’s Mishti Doi and K.C. Dass’s Roshoholla and you’ll not repent for sure. In fact, a Bengali can live without water, but not these sweet delights. Jokes apart, these are among Kolkata famous food options that you shouldn’t miss.

So, these are some of the most famous food items that you should not miss, when in Kolkata. Avail the best food offers in Kolkata from the best and most trusted online directory, AdsPicker and never miss out on a deal.