Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Dear User,

Welcome to, a website (the "Website"). We understand privacy of your information and we respect the privacy of our users and is committed to protect it. Here We mean (us,our adspicker, This privacy policy is prepared to tell you (User's who visits adspickr via any kind of medium like desktop,mobile etc) about collection of data, use of data, and disclosure of information that you provide us for accessing our services through Website ("Services").

You understand and agree with guidelines/privacy policy of using (this site) which(Privacy policy) can be change time to time by specifying the updated date for new version of the Privacy policy. Please be aware about updated date of privacy policy. Continuing use of website either by visiting or by posting content mean you are accepting current version of privacy policy.

Please go through privacy policy and read all information before submitting information to this Website. By using(Accessing from any medium) this Website, you(Advertiser,visitor's,individuals etc) agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. reserves the right to communicate with our customer's/user related to use of site or any service or offers/deals on this site.

What Data we collect :
As is platform for listing advertisement/services/business/offers/deals therefore the information posted on websites will be publicly available. Therefore user posted information through Advertiser registration or modify advertiser or adding Offers (Deals,ads etc) or modifying offers ( (Deals,ads etc) ) or any kind of data provided by any form on website,you are consenting/agreeing and understand the transfer/share and storage of that information on our servers.

For being Advertiser and posting any kind of service/offers or deals on our website You have to provide following information which may include but not limited to Company/Organization/Advertiser Information

  • Company/Organization/Advertiser name
  • Business Type (Off-line Business or On-line Business)
  • Logo (jpeg,png,png,gif image)
  • Domain name (if exists)
  • company/advertiser Email
  • company/advertiser Contact
  • company/advertiser Tax ID (GSTIN)
  • Company Info (About company)
  • Company Address (Country,State,City,Area,address,postal)
  • Advertiser Name (Posted by)
  • Advertiser personal email (can be company email)
  • Advertiser Password
  • Advertiser personal phone no (Can be company phone no)
  • created date,updated date
  • Other informations, including standard web log information and users IP address.

Offer information

  • Offer category
  • Offer title,image,expiry date with timezone etc
  • Offer short description (including terms if any)
  • Location(Country,State,city) for which offer are valid
  • Offer Landing page link
  • created date time,update date time
  • Other informations, including standard web log information and users IP address.

Merchant Account Usage & Plan Details:
  • Enjoy unlimited offers listing till Four month from registration date.
  • Merchant Account will be convert to Free Plan after Four month. 
  • Merchant can only have ONE Offer/Deal/Coupon per month in Free Plan. Therefore you will have maximum ONE active offer linked with your account each month under Free Plan. Only last ONE offer will be live in Free Plan and other older post will be Inactive automatically after first four month.
  • Merchant/Advertiser  can enhance their online visibility by upgrading plan which includes options like increase offer posting limits and other amazing features. (Currently we do not have upgrade plan. Our team are designing upgrade plan by introducing awesome features to help our merchant/Advertiser for getting customer attention on their brand and grow footfalls/visitors.  We will share Upgrade plan via email to our existing merchant and publish on website in few months.).
  • We will share Merchant Registered Business Address and phone number with customer who will be interested on their published offers. It will help customer to connect with Merchant for any queries regarding offer.
  • We might generates random voucher code for some offers/deals when customer shows interest on your offers. This voucher code will be visible on merchant panel for each lead created. It will help to verify genuine customer by validating voucher code.
  • You (Merchant/Advertiser) agree and confirm that we (Adspicker team) can review posted offers and have right to modify offers like assign offer to correct category etc. we can modify offers details in case we found anything wrong with offer & deals. You (Merchant/Advertiser or company personal) accept and agree that We (us, our, company) can delete/Inactive offers in case we found any offers/deals etc does not comply with adspicker terms and privacy. 
  • can block/restrict access or deactive account if we found as infringing terms and privacy policy.
  • We will (are liable to) delete/remove offer/deals/Advertisment/service  without any prior notice in case we came to know its fraud/illegal or does not comply adspicker terms & privacy.  
      This is platform for you If you are running business / Company / Website which belongs to following category :
  • Restaurant / Food outlet / Cafe
  • Electronics outlet / Store
  • Attraction, Entertainment / Amusement Parks
  • Hotel & Resorts
  • Grocery store / Supermarket / Mart
  • Health & fitness ( Gyms , Yoga center etc)
  • Fashion outlet / store

This is not platform for individuals who want to sell old/new/refurbished product.

Sign up information(May include but not limited to):

  • name,email,phone
  • Other informations, including standard web log information and users IP address.

Contact us form:

  • Type of contact,subject,email and description.
  • Other informations, including standard web log information and users IP address.
  • We are using google recaptcha  to protects  from spam and abuse. Therfore for security reason recaptcha may store/check (but not limited to) cookie,Ip address and other browser information to make it safe from unwanted bots attack.
We would like to share that by defaultTop offers ,Promotions and Preference Notifications will be Inactiveafter SignUp process  (In case you did not grant permission during signup processOR customer member  notification  section after loggedIn) for all users/customers but you can Make it ON/subscribe/Active any time from Notification section of user panel after logIn. It is advised to make notifications always ON for sync with latest offers..

By posting Any kind of information on our website by SignUp, Register, Advertiser Signup, adding Offers or any kind of form submission throughout the website you are consenting/agreeing that you are above 18 years and information posted is accurate and complete. Also time to time you shall be sent notifications to update your information. We may also store browser information, Ip information and other logging information for best user experience.

We (are not liable) does not warranty that accessing website (using any services like sign up,post offer,create/modify advertiser) will be hassle free, uninterrupted, timely or instant response,accurate,with good quality,secure,safe,unbroken,reliability of any information,without defects, or without errors. We will correct errors if we found and appreciate your feedback.

Information from Third party website or service provider:
We may enlist advertisements/offers/deals/campaign/services information from other sources and add it to our systems and use as per our privacy policy. These details of offer/services etc are information/content which You(Third party website,company etc) provided to any Platform provider or Affiliate partner etc may include image,short description,title etc. We may receive updated contact information from third parties to update our records and to communicate with you. As these information You provided to Platform provider to promote your offer/services which are ready to use publicly therefore We are not responsible about any content/information which include any false or mislead or fraud information.

How we use information:

  • We may use your personal information to keep you updated on announcements on offers,campaign,upcoming events,promotion offers and marketing communication.
  • to keep you updated about any of our services and newly added feature which might helpful for you .
  • it will help to resolve any dispute and resolving conflicts etc.
  • to verify customer trends,behavior and preferences.
  • to communicate with with for any change in terms, privacy policy or any kind of notice.
  • personal information may also be useful for our internal purposes like data analysis,auditing and research to improve our services in more transparency way.

As Information provided with us by you depends on services and advertisement Therefore Information posted will not be considered as sensitive if it is freely and publicly available and accessible through website (in the public domain) or is fitted with Right to Information Act, 2005, any law/rules which made there for the time being in forced.

Cookies are generally small text files, given ID tags that are stored on your computer's browser directory or program data sub folders. Cookies are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements/behavior within the site, remember your registered login,any selection and other customization functions. Our advertisers(Either registered with us or third pary advertiser) may also assign their own cookies to your browser (whenever you click on their ads/offer/service/promotion).We don't control these process. We may store some information automatically such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser type and language, referring site ,operating system, date/time stamp etc. We may use "cookies" and other technologies such as pixel tags for any Services, email messages and advertisements(which includes offer/deals/service/campaign etc).These technologies help us to understand user's behavior on website so that we can improve ourself based on outcomes in more better way. Pixel tags are very small gif (invisible tags placed on some pages usually 1*1 size) which is get fired whenever user visits on web page or open email containing pixel tag to notice their visits on page. This usually work in addition with cookies. You may disable cookies from your browser as well but in that case you would not able to use some features of website. You may disable cookie as well . Please go through steps mentioned here for disabling cookie but we do not recommned because you may not able to use best site feature  and other interactive feature in case cookie is disabled.

Data Security:
We use security mechanisms such as encryption, passwords, firewall to guard against disclosure and unauthorized access of your personal information. All Information posted on our website is stored in database which is under controlled of Adspicker. However no security system are impossible to pass through or enter. Therefore we can not guarantee (also we are not liable) that information posted by You, will not be accessible while being transferring to us over the Internet. Also as its platform for advertising,promotion your offer so content you post in any discussion area or reviews section (if any) will be publicly available. You (Advertiser or any account holder) are responsible and consent/agree to protect the security of your authentication details,username and password and other confidential information if any. As lots of new changes comes in Internet time to time and new things come in related domains therefore time to time We may change/modify our privacy policy to cover necessary and required upcoming changes. We may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads (Like google ads) when you visit our Web site. Google use DART cookie to serve best relevant ads for you. You may unsubscribe/opt out DART cookie.Please go through for more details. These companies eyes on your(any site visitors either they are advertiser or any anonymous user or visitors) visits on our website and other website and provide advertisement/service relevant to your search. These third party companies may use javascript code or pixel tag or cookies etc. Therefor they may use your browsing information (not email,phone no). As We enlist offer/deals/advertisement of other's websites/services as well as our registered advertiser,We can not guarantee about content/service/offers posted either from our advertiser or received from Platform provider are totally true or not containing any false information. Therefore its your responsibility to go through details of offers and while navigating to offer site you should read their terms and privacy policy before doing any action. We are not responsible for any third party privacy policy and terms condition which they apply for any offer/ads/services etc listed on our website. However please be aware that any security system can be violated and breached. we reserve right to delete/deactivate user (Advertiser or any account holder on our site) account without any prior notice against any fraud/misleading or against laws we found or came to know on our site. Also we may create web links for third party offer websites and we do not send any personal information such as email,phone no to third party. Please be aware while navigating to third party website. We are not responsible for the privacy policy and terms listed on third parties. You understand and agree that we cannot control these links and We are not controlling and responsible for any use of such third party websites. Also we take backup of our data on server to keep data against any system failure happens. We have third party hosting provider to deploy our website. Our Hosting provider also ensure and protect our data by apply security measure on server BUT we can not guarantee the security of our database against any powerful virus attack or hacking etc.


  • We may disclose our user's information to Governmental or law agencies whenever any information required by law or governmental agency or by any court or any authority for any kind of investigation against fraud,cheating,crime or false information or illegal activities etc.
  • We also reserves the right to use/share the information in any investigation or judicial process against any fraud until we retain such information.
  • We may provide some personal information to our strategic partners such as an email service provider to send out emails on behalf of us. We are using third party email services to send emails related to creation/modify of Advertiser Registration/Offers and activities and email content may include but not limited to name,email,password,short description etc.
  • We may use third party email provider for sending any promotions/newsletter emails related to your visits on website or any new feature,offer,services etc and for this purpose your personal information may include but not limited to email,name,phone no will be transfered to third party email provider for sending emails. Newsletter will be sent sent as per your acceptance on site.
You (Website visitor's,Advertiser,any user who use any feature/page/service etc on Adspicker) understand,accept privacy policy and terms, do agree with terms of privacy policy. You consent and accept that the information listed on adspicker is fully informed that your post on adspicker will be publicly available. You also agree and understand that you must not disclose Confidential information posted/submitted such as login credentials(usernaame,password) etc with anyone.

Please feel free to send us email at  or click here to Contact us in case any queries.

Thanks for your time to go through and reading this Privacy Policy.

Last updated date: May 12, 2019.