Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Dear User,

Please read  terms and conditions governing your use of the Site and our services. By visiting/browsing/accessing any page/features/modules/services of this site, from any medium,You understand, acknowledge, accept and agree to the these terms and conditions.

This terms and condition is applied to you,your or any person who is visiting site,using or accessing adspicker.com website through browsing website or from any automated system or by doing any kind of activity such as posting ads,commenting for any ads, providing feedback,creating/modifying advertiser information,signing up etc. By accessing adspicker.com you understand and agree with guidelines/terms condition of using adspicker.com which(Terms condition and privacy policy) can be change time to time by specifying the updated date for new version of the Terms of Use and Privacy policy and you accept and undertand that we can do amendments  in terms of use time  to  time.

By accessing adspicker.com you accept and accept that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age or above. You are suggested to regularly check the terms and privacy updates or any modification time to time.You are reponsible to check terms of use at regular interval to sync with any modification/addition in terms.

You consent and agree adspicker.com terms and privacy policy by doing Signup, Login,Registration,Subscriptions,accessing web pages and any kind of site form submission and use of pages.

Please be aware about updated date of terms. Continued use of website either by visiting or by posting content mean you are accepting current version of terms condition. We may modify,remove,discontinue and restrict any portion of website,any availability of content without notice or liability. We can deny/restrict access of any user at any time for any reason in case we found against laws or get complain from any legal authority etc.

You are understanding and agreeing that we do not have control if someone else (NOT You,your company) posting your personal information such as email,phone no a, address etc. As you understand that we can not track that listing information/ads/offers/deals/coupons etc is genuine or real. We will (are liable to) delete/remove account In case we came to know any service/ads posted are fraud/illegal without any prior notice.

Here term such as "We","Our","Us",site,company shall mean the adspicker, adspicker.com,Adspicker or www.adspicker.com. Here term such as "Ads","information posted","data" shall mean offer or comments or reviews or advertisement or services or company information.

You understand and accpet by accessing or using website you may be exposed in any content posted by other users. You accept and undertand that We do not accept any liabilities in such cases. You may report this cases by contact us page.

We use Google adsense to show relevant ads based on user behaviour measured by cookie and other tracking terminology.

We use Google Analytics to undertand user Demographics and interest. Google Analytics keep eye on your visits and records/track your interest such as which page you visits, from which location you are vistinhg site, which device and browser you are using to view sites and other user tracking informaion. Google Analytics may use javascript code and other tracking terminology such as cookie etc to store your behaviour on site. Google Analytics reports is anonymous , it is overview for anonymous user infromation visiting site.

Continue from above points You understand, acknowledge, accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Adspicker.com does not control and responsible for any kind of communication outside of adspicker domain.
  • It may be possible that the landing page for any offer listed on our site could  be different (or does not match with offer description) on merchant/advertiser/publisher or third party websites. You should verify the bona fides  of any offers , deals and coupons mention on website before making any judgment. We will not be responsible for  any errors or absence from third party or advertiser,partners or sellers behalf.
  • Please be careful while trasaction with your credit/debit card. We will not be responsible for any credit/debit card fraud.
  • Offer description or image may include Coupon code.You may use this coupon code on merchant site to avail offer discounts etc. We can not guarantee (also we do not have control) about coupon code listed/mentioned on our site will discount as per offer description.Its your own sole responsibility to go through description and terms of use on merchant page while doing any kind of transactions.
  • Adspicker.com is public platform for listing ads/service/offer/coupons etc under listed category. Therefore any person can post their ads/offers/service/coupons on our site. We can not guarantee that all information listed on adspicker such as phone no, mobile no, address, offer descriptions are genuine or real.
  • We can remove/delete any ads posted on website in case of we get complain against that from any govt officials or any legal authority. We can also delete/remove account if we came to know any kind of illegal activity which are misleading,misrepresenting without any prior notice.
  • adspicker.com are not responsible for any kind of bank transaction/money transfer or fraud happened due to information listed on our website. It is site visitor/user's own responsibly while he/she/they visit/view any ads/offers/coupons etc listed on our website. As We are just providing ways to see various offers/deals/coupons which belongs to site advertiser or third party websites therefore its user responsibility to go through description of offer carefully and understand terms of use and privacy policy for offers website before doing any action such as contact them,purchasing any item or any kind of transaction etc.
  • Also we are not responsible for Advertiser information posted by any individuals (On behalf of any Company,Organization etc).We verify their email but we can not guarantee for all information/data posted by them are truthful.
  • All information related to advertisement/offer/deals/coupons etc including prices,discounts,offer description are subject to Advertiser and Third party websites offers/deals/coupons therefore offer/advertisement (shown on our site) terms depends on merchant/third party websites terms and privacy policy. We do not have any liability for any loss or damage regarding any information listed within this site. We also do not have any liability for information mentioned on merchant/Advertise site against any experience or purchase following from third party sites.
  • You agree to accept that you may get calls and contact by Site agents,Advertiser,courier partners regarding your any action like your purchasing etc and any other activity related to your visits and actions whenever required and you disclaim any liability of Adspicker in this context.
  • You agree and accept that you are using information contained in this site for lawful purposes.
  • You agree and accept that You are doing any action (Accessing service information,doing any transaction,contact to Merchant etc) on your sole risk also You will bear all risks linked or associated with any content.
  • You acknowledged and agree that Adspicker is not liable for any loss or damage,whether for breach of any contract,unauthorized/unauthenticated access to transformation of your data or information over network,offensive or illegal conduct of the Users/visitors or third parties or service provider.
  • We do not force anyone to provide reviews and feedback for any service/merchant therefore we are not liable and responsible for any positive or negative comments/reviews/feedback given by user/visitors for any service/offer/merchants on our site.
  • We (including affiliates) do not have liable for any consequence or outcomes relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction user took based on the Content or information available on Website.
  • adspicker.com does not guarantee/warranty of any kind of description/Contact information listed on websites. As its public websits and we can not control/verify all posted ads/service. Therefore It is possible that offer/deals/services/coupons etc descriptions ,shown on our site, may be partially of fully different from merchant/third party site.
  • adspicker.com will not be responsible for any communication/message/information related to any listed/non listed service/ads/business/offers/coupons outside of adspicker.com domain. Please be careful in case you get any information which conveyed from outside of adspicker domain.
  • adspicker.com may block/restrict access or deactive account if we found as infringing terms and privacy policy.
  • We are not liable and responsible for any infringement of copyright arising out of materials submitted on or transmitted through the site in any form(over network etc), advertisement listed on the site, by any user or any other third parties or by service provider or affiliate partner.
  • Site disclaim all liability with subject or related to misuse,unavailability,modification loss of any user content.
  • We make enable advertiser after registration based on technical aspect such as all require fields are submitted successfully and if there is no technical fault while submission. We can not control or verify if data/information submitted is true , genuine ,legal or real.
  • We make enable offer/service/coupons posted based on technical aspect such as all require fields are submitted successfully and if there is no technical fault while submission. We can not control or verify if data/information submitted is true , genuine ,legal or real.
  • You agree and accept that you will not access any other user account or post commnets on behalf of other user without Our prior explicit consent.
  • You may not contact any other user via website to trasmit any fraud, illegal or any kind of misleading message without Our prior explicit consent.
  • You agree and accept that you will post real and totally owned by you data/information.
  • You understand and accept that you are not posting any other user/advertiser & third party ads/offers/coupons without Our prior explicit consent.
  • In case you coming/landing on adspicker website from any other external websites link may apply third party / external website terms and conditions.You agree and accept that We do not accept any liabilities for any loss  of information or misleading information or change the context. You understand that we do not have any control on third party / external website which is pointing to our site therefore we advised you check details before doing any further action.

Terms for Posting/submitting information on website:
You are only responsible for the content/information provided on website. By posting ads/offer/deals/coupons/services information you are accepting and agreeing for following

  • Company/Advertiser Information provided by you such as company email,name,phone no, address etc will be publicly available to website user's. Personal information such as personal email,personal phone no will not be public.
  • Your posted ads information such as Ads title, Ads images, Ads description, ads category and other ads relevant information posted will be visible to all websites user's.
  • Details/information are truthful, genuine and are not misleading,misrepresenting.
  • Details/information are not fraudulent,illegal,stolen ads/service.
  • Information posted on adspicker must not have (contain) information related to any kind of

          - Liquor
          - tobacco products
          - any drugs
           - any information related narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is totally Prohibited.
           - palliative/curative related information.

  • Images uploaded on websites must not have any legal documents, confidential docs like property document,Government approved identities card.
  • Ads should not contain any kind of virus which may affect our system.
  • should not have any kind of Fireworks/explosive items.
  • Ads description or posted ads information related to prostitution or any other service which is related to prostitution is totally Prohibited.
  • Ads description or posted ads related to Body parts of human/animals etc is totally Prohibited.
  • Ads should not contains any kind of religious information which affect sentiments of our society,person or group.
  • Ads should not contains any kind of criminal information/FIR information.
  • Posted advertisement/service should be white listed. It should not be have any kind of criminal record.
  • Ads should not contains any kind of fake information.
  • Items/information posted should not violate Adulteration Act, 1954.
  • Any kind of Weapons related information is totally Prohibited.
  • Non relevant category Ads information is totally Prohibited.
  • You (Advertiser / publisher) understand,agree,confirm that you have all necessary legal documents,licenses,consents,rights and permissions to use/own such Content (Published ads,information/business) on the published Ads/Service/business.
  • You agree and accept Information posted by you including personal or any identifying information about any another person with his explicit consent/agreement.
  • You (Advertiser or any account holder) are responsible and consent/agree to protect the security of your authentication details,user name and password and other confidential information if any.
  • You agree and accept that you will NOT infringe any third-party rights.
  • You agree and accept that you will NOT copy, distribute or modify any other website online or offline entity content without their consent and permission.

Emails & Sms :

  • We reserve right to send promotional emails, New offers/deals email notifications/alerts  based on your preference set and other top offers email notifications time to time. You accept and understand  that these emails are not spam. We may also send Push Notifications as applicable.
  • By Submit your contact/phone number you accept and agree to receive calls/sms from Adspicker representative and it does not consider under DND (Do Not Disturb).
  • We reserve right to send emails to notify any upcoming/new feature infromation or any updates time to time.
  • You accept and agree that we can use your emails and personal infromation  submitted by SignUp form, Register form,LogIn or any kind of form submission throughout the site to send regular updates with latest deals,coupons & offers in the form of newsletter, deals & coupons notifications directly on your email and it does not treat as SPAM.
  • We can also use emails  and phone no for correspondence purpose such as to reply for any queries, updates and other request.
  • Preference based emails, top offers emails, promotional emails, newsletters etc will contain opt out/unsubscribe link. You can control these emails via Notifications section in user panel after logged In. It may heppen sometime that you would not able to unsubscribe due to some wesbite error but no worries you may contact with us in case you face any issues but It is advised to make notifications always ON for sync with latest offers.
  • We would like to share that by default Top offers ,Promotions and Preference Notifications will be Inactive after SignUp process  (In case you did not grant permission during signup process OR customer member  notification  section after loggedIn) for all users/customers but you can Make it ON/subscribe/Active any time from Notification section of user panel after logIn. It is advised to make notifications always ON for sync with latest offers.

User Reviews and Contents

You understand and accpet that any Contents posted throughout the website by posting  reviews, commenting and providing inputs will become adspicker property and you give us permission to use that information and contents. You also accept and agree that we(adspicker.com) reserve right to modify , delete any material submitted on website. You also grant us permission to  store any user information posted on website such us signup details, registration details, reviews , comments on our server or hosted. You accept and agree to publish reviews, comments on website publicly.

Recommendation and Suggestions

We are here to help our customer to avail various offers and deals running around so that they can save their hard earned money. 

Customer do not need to pay to grab an offers at Adspicker. (except some exclusive / featured offers for which payment will be required but price to be paid will be shown on that offer.).  Just pay at merchant store / outlet.  

As We have many reputed merchants across the region who serve customer by their service and winning customers faith. We receive offers / deals from online and offline merchants for various category. 

We assume and trust these offers are valid and correct as per description but we could not verify each and every offer validity and authenticity therefore we would recommend you to ensure offer legitimacy and term of use with them (Merchant / Advertiser / Service Provider) before availing offer.

Use of Site content and License:
This website providing platform for listing offers, advertisement/coupons etc from advertiser or third party. This license does not allow others for following actions

  • Download any of our page contents which may include but not limited to description and other advertisement details and images etc.
  • Copy content and modify it.
  • Access,copy,download,distribution, transmission, republication of site contents/information using any scripts/robots and extraction tools etc without written consent of Adspicker.
  • Use of any information either visible or hidden which includes HTML,scripts,image etc.
  • The Website names,slogans,logo and all related information including images etc are the trademarks or service marks of Adspicker.com and/or our affiliates, our partners(Advertiser,Publishers,Service partner for offers,deals,coupons etc) Therefore No service mark license or trademark is granted related to any materials/information contained on this Website.

Unauthorized access,breach of this Terms of Use will terminate the permission,rights or license granted by us (Adspicker).

You (User) consent and accept defend,hold harmless and indemnify Adspicker (Adspicker.com,Company),its employees,officers, agents and their successors,directors, subsidiaries,third-parties,service providers and their respective officers,affiliates from any and all claims,damages,loss of profits, loss of data, any other losses,costs and expenses, including attorney's fees and and court costs which made by any third party due or arising out or caused by any claims based upon the use, content submitted by the user,any user actions,accessing or inactions which includes but not limited to breach of warranties, undertakings or representations or in relation to the non-fulfilment of any of its obligations under this terms and condition Agreement or arising out of the user's infringement of any applicable regulations,laws including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights, any payment of statutory dues and taxes,defamation, infringement of rights of privacy or publicity,claim of libel, loss of service by other subscribers and violation of intellectual property or other rights. This clause shall survive the expiry or termination of this terms of condition (or terms of use) Agreement.

All advertisement information including prices,discounts,offer description,coupons are subject to Advertiser and Third party websites offers/deals/coupons therefore We do not have any liability for any loss or damage regarding any information listed within this site. We also do not have any liability for information mentioned on merchant/Advertise site against any experience or purchase following from third party sites and the statements,information or conduct of any third party or advertiser on the Adspicker.com The website service,offers,coupons and other contents including but not limited to images,details,information etc are provided by this website is on an "as is" basis also "as available" basis. We disclaim all warranties of any kind,either express or implied,either statutory or otherwise,any warranties/guarantee of merchantability,Advertiser,publisher,non-infringement and fitness for some purpose. Site does not have control over the content(offer description etc) shown on this site, will be same as on merchant/advertiser site. We does not confirm or make any warranty that site will fulfill your requirement,expectation with this site. We also does not warranty that accessing website( using any services,information contained etc) will be hassle free, uninterrupted, timely or instant response,accurate,with good quality,secure,safe,unbroken, reliability of any information,without defects, or without errors. We will correct errors if we found and appreciate your feedback.

Governing & Applicable Laws:
These terms and condition and policy shall be governed by and designed in accordance with the laws of Republic of India. Any legal action,disputes arising out of and relating to site shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Allahabad,India.

In case any provision,rules,section and regulation in this terms is found by court or any other legal authority to be invalid,unlawful and/or unenforceable,the other provisions,rules will continue in effect. Therefore part of these terms and condition which found as invalid or unlawful, will be deleted and rest of terms and condition will continue in effect.

Please feel free to send us email at adspicker@gmail.com or click here to Contact us in case any queries.

Thanks for your time to go through and reading this terms & conditions.

Last updated date: May 12, 2019.